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Like a map that guides us to safely arrive at our destination, a project plan helps us successfully complete a project with best results.  

This is why we have honed our skills in Project Planning. Any project, big or small, short-term or long-term, deserves careful planning that requires time, resources and effort.  

Once you put your trust on us to design your web site and implement SEO marketing or integrate graphic design and phone applications, our immediate, almost reflex, response is to set up the project planning session. Why? Because we believe that Project Planning is the first step to actual implementation and establishes a strong foundation for the entire project. Through project planning, success becomes clearer and easier to reach.  

A Project Plan leads to Successful Projects because… 

  1. It defines and manages the scope of the whole project; 

  1. It allows you to see the risks beforehand and take action to prevent them 

  1. It allows you to manage time efficiently by setting timeframes for each task 

  1. It enables you to be realistic in setting targets and deadlines 

  1. It enables you to track implementation and assess its progress, and 

  1. It provides you with enough room for adjustments, especially on issues pertaining to resources 

Our decades of experience and depth of expertise in web projects have taught the value of planning prior to implementation. We work together with the client to come up with a comprehensive project plan that will involve all aspects of the proposed project, including but not limited to: 

  • Needs assessment 

  • Website content planning 

  • Finalizing Website structure 

  • CMS integration 

  • Site launch 

  • Post launch, project assessment 

Most important of all, we know that carefully-planned projects are sustainable and deliver all the expected benefits for the client, at lesser cost and with less than expected effort and time.  

At Solis Web Design, we achieve success because we stick to the project plan. It’s a core value that we adhere to all the time.    

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