1. Create a refined polished modern logo. 
Your logo is part of your identity and when visitors are visiting your web site who don’t know who you are your logo will give your visitors a feeling that you are a professional company and not just any company.

2. Intuitive navigation menu
A good navigation menu should guide your users to areas of interest so your menu should be displayed in a certain order based on the type of product your selling or the information you want the visitor to see first.

3. Remove pages with lots of clutter
Most site owners believe that more is better on each and every page and this is just not so.

When adding information to your web site the information should be clean and simple so that your visitors can read all the information easier without allot of clutter with elements such as lots of popups or even more images that are needed and this way all your elements don’t get in the way of your information.

4.  Colors selection. 
When selecting colors for your web site the combination of colors should be colors that are popular combined with light and dark colors to create contrast on your web site.

So for example your elements can be in a lighter color but your links or special messages should be in a darker color so that they are easy for your visitors to read.

5. Invest in good, professional high quality images. 
All images on your web site that are added to certain areas should match the information that is being viewed on the page and should be images that are suggestive of your product or services.

A good example is that if your page is called Web design your image on that page should be one that shows users a images of a person planning a web site or a suggestive image would be an image that shows two people shaking hands which suggest to the user that buying your services will convert into a good deal.

6. Choose fonts that are easy to read across all browsers and devices. 
Fonts should be fonts that are clear and easily readable by all your users and fonts that are being used should match thee look that your looking for.

So if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining site you may want a font combination that is based on bold and regular fonts but if you’re looking for a more modern look and feel your font can be thinner which will give you that modern and more elegant look that you may be looking for.

7. Design every page as if they are all landing pages. 
Each page should have the look and feel as if the topic of the page the user is navigating to is displaying lots of information based on the page they selected.

So if a user goes to a page called products that page should only show products and less enfaces on any services you may be offering since the primary reason for showing that page is to sell your products

8. Use responsive design. 
Demand that your web site be built responsive so that it fits on all devices such as Ipad’s, smartphones and desktop computers this way your visitors don’t have to have a hard time if they are viewing your web site on a smartphone by having to magnify your web site just to click on a menu link.

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