1. Web Site Content

For the search engines to take notice of your web site and it’s content the content itself has to be unique and written and a way that the grammar is correct otherwise the search engines will give you a negative ranking toward your web site

2. Keyword phrases

Keywords that are going to be distributed among your pages to get a better ranking from all search engines should be keywords that are targeted toward the actual product or services that you are offering and based on popularity of the actual keyword.

For example if your aa web design company targeting your local area because you will be traveling to visit your potential clients you would use a keyword like “ Miami Web Design” and then once you have a list of potential keyword you would need to do some research to find the keywords that have the most traffic

3. The domain factor

It’s always good practice to buy a domain that has your primary keyword inside when possible.

This is important since this is the first thing that search engines look at when they start to rank your web site.

4. Keyword Meta Tag

The keyword meta tag while allot of search engines don’t use this method of ranking you on the web the keyword meta the search engine doesn’t view this tag as a negative so it’s definitely a good place to put some keywords that you may need to complement your web page content.

5. Keyword URL

Keywords in your URL is crucial for any web site to rank well.

Basically what this means is that when a visitor clicks on a web page and that web page you are targeting for example “Miami Web Design” if that user is going to the web design page on your web site the URL at the very least should have the keywords web design.

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