1. Have a polished, professional logo design created "Your logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it's located well designed and polished to represent your brand in a way that is appealing to your visitors and that it’s easy to remember using colors that are friendly to your eyes

2. Intuitive responsive navigation
your navigation system on your web site should be shown on your web site in such a way that it’s not cluttered but useful in such a way that the users experience flows thru the site leading the user to your primary products and services.

Why is the navigation important?

Well it’s because it’s the most important element on your web site that leads users to your services and products and it should be designed in a way that is not only clean but also mobile friendly

3. Avoid the clutter
Clutter on your web site is something that confuses users which is why your web site should have a primary focus and a secondary focus.

For example, if your web site sells a product and that product is a product that requires service it’s important to focus on selling more products and then show users that any product sold comes with service if needed so this is why n this case your primary focus is your product and your secondary focus is on services.

4. Allow users to breath.
When writing content, the content paragraphs should be spaced out in a way that the user can take in all the information provided to them is stages and not all at once.

This allows users to think about the content sections that they are interested in without having to focus on multiple things within that content.

5. The use of colors
Colors on your web site should be neutral colors that are appealing to the mass majority of your target traffic.

This allows you to maximize your audience by having colors that appeal to every one and not just a smaller group.

This is a very common mistake that site owners make when they aree having their web site designd .

They choose colors they like over colors that everyone likes.

So for example a site owner may like thee color orange and the site is designed in orange they may be limiting their audience simply because this is a color they may like.

The idea is to shoot for colors everyone likes and this will make for a better web site that captures the attention of more people than just having a web site that the site owner may like.

6. Image quality
Images can be bought from online stock photo places so that your web site uses images that are of high quality and this will capture the attention of many more users.

For example if you think like a user would you really buy services from a web site that uses old images and the images look bad…of course not

This is why it’s important that your web site carry high quality images because it makes your web site look polished and appealing to every single user.

7.  Do fonts make a difference?
Yes, fonts do make a difference because some site owners so often choose fonts that are so thin that they are hard to read especially when the site is being viewed on a smart phone or tablet.

ake good decisions with your designer and allow him to suggest fonts that are clear and readable.

8. Testing your web site
Always test our web site thinking like a user and how they would feel if they didn’t know you at all and your site had to convince them to buy services from you and how professional is the appearance of your web site.

This helps to better understand what your visitors are thinking in regard to your services and how safe they feel.

A good example is that when you go to most web site they are only secure when buying a product but if your web site is secure from the moment they land on your web site thee user automatically knows that you are looking out for their best interest by securing the whole web site and not just the product areas.

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