Custom Shopping Carts

Expertise + Innovation + Creativity = Successful Ecommerce

This is the solution that will take your shopping cart requirements to the next, high-grade level of online commerce.

Expertise: We create custom shopping carts based on learned skills on the rudiments and processes of e-Commerce. Our expert developers are backed by 20 years of experience on Internet marketing and are ready to be of service to companies and merchants who only want the best for their customers.

Just as you want your business to succeed, we want to enable you to use online shopping carts to its maximum benefit. Our custom e-Commerce sites are carefully constructed to make it reliable, fast, efficient and secure. We engage in meticulous testing and re-testing of the platform before we deploy it to make sure any customer will be able to use the site without any hassle. Our expertise will be your best guarantee to successful sales seamlessly, minus the usual glitches or delays in checking out.

Innovation: Even if we already know this field like the back of our hands, we constantly explore ways to upgrade our services and innovate our products. Our daily mantra is: learn more, do more. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing digital world, you should always be on the look-out for new things and new discoveries. This principle guides us to be persistent in developing better website solutions for you, better than what we created yesterday and lesser than what we will create for you tomorrow. That’s the kind of service you can expect from our dynamic team.

Creativity: Along with flexibility, creativity defines the uniqueness of our work. We develop solutions that not only match your online marketing needs, but also match your company’s profile and principles. We put in great effort, time and resources to customize sites that will showcase the best features of a product, the highest value of a service and the greatest strengths of a company.

We believe that creativity is not just about colorful display and flashy images. The type of creativity we offer is something that impresses the mind more than the eyes. We develop content that is refreshing and concise. Images and graphics are put in to necessarily complement the text. We avoid clutter that distracts customers and include only the important elements. In short, we customize the site based on your needs and design it to match your style and specification.

How does our custom shopping cart work?

We developed our e-Commerce infrastructure to be a customizable site that allows either a developer or a merchant to use it for buying (or selling) products or services.

Our shopping cart can be integrated or linked to your website to enable you to engage in commercial transactions securely and efficiently. We can create a shopping cart that suits different needs – either for large companies with large transactions or for smaller entrepreneurs with minimal transactions.

We develop customized shopping carts as a fully secure site that guards the privacy of your transactions and lets you do business without worrying about security. Our sites pass through security and PCI compliance tests.

Solis Web Design is accredited as a Registry Service Provider and is registered with MasterCard’s Compliant Service Provider as a Level 1 Service Provider. It is also registered with the Global Registry of Service Providers from VISA card.

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Custom Shopping Carts