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Simple. Motivational. Memorable. 

This is what your brand should be and this is the kind of brand we will help you develop.  

A brand defines an organization or company and this definition is based both on your own view of your company and the on the view of other people about your company. The challenge is to merge these two perspectives into a unified, harmonious design. 

We have the expertise to run this challenge through and help you succeed.  


Clutter is the enemy of design. When too many things are going on in one space, the message will be drowned out and, thus, defeat the very purpose of your branding. Your brand should be able to clearly and accurately communicate who you are and what value you are offering to people.  

Our team will go through great pains to understand your identity and vision of the company. They will speak with key people behind your organization, consult with both the executives and the rank and file and share views with your customers. After that, we will sit down and work on your brand session after session until we, and you, decide on the final output.  

We will help you conceive your brand through the most complex process possible and come up with something that is hardest to make: A simple, uncomplicated, easily grasped yet profound design.    


A brand should be motivational, meaning it motivates people to patronize your product or service. It should motivate sales and revenue. It should motivate your entire organization and motivate every employee. Most of all, it should motivate you in your journey to success.  

We will help you design a brand that will inspire people and lead them to decide that it is your brand, not the brand of your competitors, that promises good results. 


If a brand is simple and motivational, then it is memorable. It sticks in the mind. People will recall it and seek it the next time they need to buy or avail of a service or product. They will attach their memory to your product or service that made them feel good and want more.   

A good brand is something that creates loyal customers. In which case, a brand can only be qualified as “good” if the product or service offered to customers make them come back again, and again. No matter how good-looking our brand is, if the product or service that you sell is not good, then your brand will ultimately feel.  

Your Brand and Your Logo 

The Logo of your organization or company is part of your brand. A logo is the emblem, trademark or symbol that identifies you as a legitimate entity. The logo is synonymous to your company name – one cannot be without the other.  

Your brand and logo design are important identification marks that will differentiate you from the rest of the pack.  

At Solis Web Design, we will help you make a unique, outstanding mark. Trust our expertise to give you the best designs.  

Want to know more about brands and branding design?  We will be happy to tell you more. Contact us now or like our social media pages.   

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Branding / Logo Design