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Business success will be more difficult to achieve if your website fails to live up to your customer’s expectations. A lame, unattractive and past-dated website will negatively affect not only your sales but your over-all reputation as well.

This is where the value of an efficient Content Management System comes in.

What is CMS? It is the system used for managing and updating all the content on your website. Simply put, it is the tool you use to control your website without the need for technical training. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about HTML or be technically proficient on web content management. A CMS will let you be in control of putting information on your website in easy steps.

SOLIS Web Designs creates templates for CMS that will allow you to edit and/or input new data in real time and without hassle. We make CMS Web Design a simple, uncomplicated process that gives you the freedom to make changes as you like on your website. This way, you will not only save on the cost of paying a website administrator or a webmaster, you will also have the capability to manage your own site.

Our CMS Web Designs are efficient, user-friendly and can be remotely accessed. All you need to do is to log in as an administrator and you can start updating all the content on your website even on your iPad or iPhone. Whether inputting a blog, uploading a press release or an announcement, or adding photos on the gallery, our CMS Web Design will let you do the things on your site that you believe will benefit your customers and grow your business.

SOLIS Web Designs creates highly professional CMS web designs by focusing on the two main elements of CMS: The Content Management Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA). We design a CMA in such a way that it serves the needs of the content manager and makes his or her job less complicated, proficient and easily completed. Using our exclusively-designed CMA, the content manager (or CMS manager) will be able to create, modify or delete content from the website even if he or she does not have expertise in web management.

To allow you to ‘move’ content and promote your website, we will also create a customized CDA for you to allow you to publish data or content and automatically index all uploaded information for SEO. The CDA will also allow you to engage in B2B marketing in which content and advertising may be customized to match the needs of the website user.

We offer free evaluation of your CMS needs and guide you through the first steps of maximizing the real benefits of an amazing CMS Web Design.

Aside from creating our own CMS systems tailored to our customer we also manage the following CMS systems.
Wordpress DrupalMagento

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