Reliability and speed of host
The speed of the hosting company is something very important but often overlooked by people looking for a good hosting company…

You may ask how this will impact your website and this is a very common question that everyone should consider.

For example the one reason that you built a web site is so that you can grow your business and have lots of traffic and what consumer hosting companies offer is what we call overloaded servers so let’s say a server has 200 websites being hosted and one of the other hosted web sites have lots of traffic this will impact how your web site will respond when people visit your web site especially in high traffic times.

Another example is that the way servers are designed to give the most active web site priority because the higher the traffic the more attention the server gives to that web site to fulfill all the web site request.

This same concept applies to search engines like Google when they index your web site so the faster the servers the more information they can gather in one pass and give you better rankings.

Consumer hosting companies often overload their web server because they charge so cheap that they have to pack in as many customers as they can on one server versus business class hosting companies keep their server to a smaller amount of customers per server but they cost slightly more but you have to ask yourself if your trying to sell products and services do you really want you hosting to be cheap of to perform as expected so you can sell lots of products and services.

Data Transfer

if the customer chooses and business class hosting company bandwidth will not be much of an issue but consumer hosting companies while they state that their hosting is unlimited bandwidth is not really unlimited.

The hard way to find this out is to purchase a cheap hosting plan that tells you that they offer 50gogs of data and try to upload 45gigs of data and you would see that the hosting company would simply cancel your plan for excessive usage even though they say you have 50gigs of data on your plan.

The smart consumer companies they use what is called a limiter so what they do is upload your upload and download speed so you would never use the amount of space because it takes to long for a single customer to upload or download 45gigs of data.

Disk space
here is another example of a selling scheme by consumer hosting companies where they tell you that you need more space and that is just not true.

For example, let’s say your web site had 100 pages of html files the web site would be way under the 2gigs of data and that would be with images and everything.

Just image that html files are files that are very small like 100k each and with 100 pages you had images that the average image was about 4megs each how many megs would you need to fill a 50gig space? The answer is allot of data.

FTP, PHP, Perl, SSI, .htaccess, SSH, MySQL, Cron
IF you’re paying for a hosting company it should have all the latest languages and technologies so that when your developer or web design is adding files they would have all the options available to create the kind of site that you would need.

SSL (secure server certificate)

SSL means secure socket layer which is the protocol that makes it so that when users purchase a product from you they their transactions including any credit card numbers and personal information to transmit thru the internet in a secure channel so every hosting plan should have SSL capabilities so that you can add this feature.

Email, IMAP, POP3, Mail Forwarding

When hosting your web site your hosting plan should be capable of providing you with a email address that is based on your domain name for example like this “” and this will allow you to setup all the emails you need to run your business and those emails addresses should be compatible with all devices like your IPad, desktop computer and your smartphone

Hosting Control Panel

All hosting companies should have a control panel that is easy to navigate and get around without all the advertising ads found on consumer hosting companies because at the end of the day all you really want is to manage your website as easy as possible and be able to sell your products and services with confidence knowing that no matter how many people you send to your web site your hosting company has you covered on all your technical needs.

Hosting Support

Support is very important because all these features are hard for any regular consumer to consume and you will need a company that offers an extra level of personalized support so you can get things done and not left alone to figure these things out.

This is where Solis can offer this level of support..Click to read more about our business class hosting and plans

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