Is the web company established and experienced?
make sure that the company that is building your web site has plenty of experience to produce the type of project that you’re looking for and this include the type of language they’re working with so that you get a clear understanding what you’ll be buying.

What should I expect to pay?
This question often comes up but the answer depends on allot of things for example if you’re looking for a ecommerce site that has a custom shopping cart this would mean that that site would have a database that would allow your web pages to display your products for purchase so these types of sites are more expensive but in the big picture allot depends on the years of experience that the company that is building your web site has because for example if a web developer only has 1 year building web site it’s more than likely that he will be missing some knowledge so it could easily take him longer so you would be buying a lesser product because the developer would be giving you a quote based on how long it would take him to get the project done.

So a good example is that if your building a web site that has 10 pages someone with a small amount of experience it could take that person 3 weeks to get it done where the web developer with lots of experience could easily do it in a week so the experienced developer could charge less because he doesn’t find your project complicated.

Can you update the website content yourself?

All web sites should have the ability for the website owner to update their pages so that they don’t have to contact the developer to make changes to content and images which is something that you could do yourself and save you money.

Any good developer would build websites based on the idea that his clients would have these options to save them money and the developer can move on to other web sites to build and not spend all their time making money on clients by making changes they can do them self’s.

Any good developer would make money from customer referrals and feature upgrades if needed

Will you get support when you need it?

Good support is important so that if your web site needs anything you have someone you can count on to fulfill your needs as well as provide you a level of training to show you how you will manage you every day operation of your web site.

Companies that offer good support will display their phone number on their website not just so that you can request some support for also to answer other questions that you may have in regard to what you will need to succeed.

Keep it all in one place

Keeping it all in one place gives you an advantage because it’s one company that will handle all your needs and this would include web design, web hosting and marketing service if needed.

Are there any additional or hidden charges?

When you purchase a web site thee company that you choose should give a clear quote as to what your buying and this includes a quote that would list all the features and their descriptions so there is a clear understanding of all charges.

In most cases most quotes would not include the hosting since the hosting cost is something that is selected based on a plan that meets your web site needs so it’s always a good idea to ask what is the hosting cost and what you would get.

In addition to these questions a good development company would not charge you for hosting during the development of your web site.

See samples of their work

In most cases the web development company should have sample for their jobs posted on their web site which gives you a general idea of the type of web site they build but this will not determine how experienced they are so you may want to ask the development company how long it would take if you see a sample on their web site that looks like something that you would like for your web site but also it helps to have some links of other web sites not listed or shown on their web site that match the type of web site you’ll be building.

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