About Solis Web Design

To understand the history of our company you have to understand the history of our founder and how our experience was acquired thru out the years and why we have a unique skill set not found in many companies.

Rick Ramirez the founder of our company first started in the printing industry running a printing press learning about colors and how to adjust printing colors which gave him a good understand and a great eye for colors combinations as well as learning about how advertising printing pieces are laid out.

While working in the printing industry he offered his boss at the time input on design pieces as to the look and feel based on his own creative style which then his boss took notice and promoted him to printing pre-press manager to run the department which had over 30 employees.
About a year later the computer industry came to what was called desktop publishing and Rick Ramirez was given the opportunity to work with some of the finest creative designer in the industry and developed and learned how to design printing pieces of all kind and this is where he developed his unique talent for designing printing pieces which later became very useful for designing web sites.

A few years later the INTERNET boom came and he started doing we design applying the design skills that he learned from the printing industry to his own web designs as well as he acquired advanced knowledge of databases and some of the most advances web development languages in the industry to complement his already impressive skill sets learned from his knowledge learned from the printing industry.

Our original company was called ADAMA WEB and it was just a web hosting company and then developed into the company Solis Computer Consultants which now offers web design, printing media designs, web hosting and INTERNET marketing which gives us a complete skill set to serve all out clients from design to hosting in a more personalized way applying the 20 years of experience that our founder Rick Ramirez has brought to Solis which he continues to grow his knowledge as a person who has truly enjoyed working side by side with clients to create many success stories.

Most recently with the movement of the smart phone using skills from Rick's JAVA knowledge from his past experience he has been able to create cross platform applications that run on all platforms using on single design which saves our clients’ money by not having to create applications separately for each smart-phone type as well as creating what is now called responsive web sites which are web sites that in a browser look like phone applications.

Thank you and we hope that you allow us to serve you as well as we have served other.

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